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5 festive hacks for a stress-free Christmas

Can you feel the pace picking up? The shops are jam-packed, the kids have finished school and the party season is well underway. If you’re feeling frazzled and like you’re the last to arrive at the party in terms of festive cheer then here are a few hacks to help you enjoy time with family and friends over the holidays:

1. Let go of perfectionism and manage expectations

If you set such high standards, you are guaranteed to be disappointed. Ask yourself how you want to feel at Christmas and plan how you can achieve this.

Accept kind offers of help whether that be clearing the dinner dishes or taking the kids for a couple of hours whilst you do some jobs. And if the turkey is dry and the gravy lumpy, remember that what makes the day memorable, is the good company and cheer. Be present and enjoy a digital detox so that you are grounded in your Christmas and not looking in on that of others.

2. Commit to less and rest

Listen to your mind and body and know when to let go and say ‘no’ to a mum’s night out, drinks with neighbours and instead practice a little self-care… this might just be an early night. There is an expression JOMO (The Joy of Missing Out) and it is certainly something I am happy to do from time to time to create balance, replenish my energy levels and help my fight against all the bugs that are flying around at this time of year.

3. Minimise overwhelm

There are a lot of 'startled rabbits in the spotlights' right now and I recognise that this is an expression I sometimes wear. Prioritise what needs to be done and give yourself permission to put some things aside until the New Year. Remember to stay in the moment and breathe if you are to avoid burning out by the time the big day arrives.

4. Thoughtful giving

Thoughtful gifts are the ones that you remember. They aren’t the ones that were the most costly and battered the budget. Perhaps you have something homemade, such as jam or gin or maybe you are treating a loved one to an experience/day out. Continually de-cluttering our home, I am a big fan of experience presents, such as pantomimes, plays and meals out where we share special time together, laugh and create memories. A favourite of mine is a voucher for a massage ;)

5. Go for a walk

Fresh air! Grab your hats, coats and scarves and get outside for a family walk. It’s also a great option for meeting up with good friends along with cups of steaming mulled wine, hot chocolate and mince pies.

So as we countdown to Christmas and open the last few doors of our advent calendars, let's remember how we want to feel this Christmas and what we are going to do ... and not do.

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