Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling

Unlock the people puzzle

Do you ever wonder how you could have approached a situation differently?


Have you ever wished you could have a better relationship with someone?

This profiling system may change the way you see yourself and others forever!


As a tool, it gives you an understanding of how you behave, communicate and make and maintain relationships. This can help you to get the best out of different situations and relationships – powerful both at home and work. It can even help you to appreciate what boosts or drains your energy and environments in which you flourish.

You can also choose to have profiling for you and your family members (9 years +) so together you can learn to appreciate your differences and similarities and enhance your family dynamics.

Complete an online questionnaire and benefit from 1:1 feedback on your profiling report. With support and challenge, decide how you are going to use this powerful insight going forward and create your own action plan. Optional accountability sessions also available.

Raise your self-awareness

Understand and appreciate others 

Enjoy better relationships at home and work

Get the best result from different situations

Happy Clients

Personality profiling was a game changer for me. I have struggled  with low confidence and self esteem after having it drummed into me for years  that I'm too quiet or too slow, and struggling to understand why I just didn’t seem to 'get on' with certain people, but after having the profiling done with Oriel I completely changed my way of thinking. It made me understand and realise why I behave the way I do and that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It gave me the confidence to use my personality to my advantage and recognise where I need to work harder where it holds me back. I found the whole process fascinating and having Oriel to take me through it and coach and encourage me was brilliant. Thank you so much! 

(Anna, Graphic Designer)

I recently took the DISC personality profile with the lovely Oriel. It was a great way to look at my current situation and life. Brilliant for actually identifying my personality and seeing my strengths. Would definitely recommend everyone to get this done at least once! 

(Manju, Director)