Wellbeing Workshops

Helping you to look after your people

Help your people to better understand health and wellbeing. Give them practical tools and techniques to equip them to look after themselves in both their professional and personal life. 

In 2017-18, over half the total number of working days lost in the UK was due to work-related, stress, depression or anxiety (Health & Safety Executive). You can’t afford not to invest in the well-being of your people.

On-site one day, half day, 90 and 60 minute well-being workshops available with bespoke design and delivery. Skype and Zoom options also available.


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Happy Clients

Really enjoyed the Mental Health and Wellbeing workshop ran by Oriel, our employees were engaged and found the session informative. I would highly recommended! 

Lucy Williams, People Co-ordinator, Fourth, London

Oriel has been a key contributor to our bi-annual Wellness Weeks. She understood exactly what we were after and was a pleasure to work with. Her engaging, informative and practical workshops have been a real hit with our employees. Definitely recommend!

Mark Batch, People Operations Advisor, Fourth, Macclesfield

Oriel has delivered several work-life balance workshops to our members which have received excellent feedback. She has helped folk work on everything from focusing on career transition to juggling the roles of parent, partner and friend. She offered solid tools, processes and plans of action to support change and resilience helping folk to thrive as oppose to just survive. Oriel can deliver to groups as well as one to one specific coaching.

Sophie Simpson, Deputy Director Operations, Club AZ, AstraZeneca

So many phrases and themes that struck a chord, gave me so much to think about. Thank you so much.

Awesome 55 minutes. I literally woke up!

'Excellent delivery and pace. Interactive and a safe space. Great! Thanks very much.'