Personality Profiling

Unlock the people puzzle

Equip your people with the tools and techniques to look after themselves and to be healthier and happier. Increase and sustain productivity, reduce sickness and related costs and retain talent.

Developing effective supervisors, managers, leaders


Understanding what makes people 'tick' can be a mystery. DISC can help you manage, motivate and maximise the performance of your people impacting positively on your results and the bottom line.

Building cohesive and productive teams

DISC allows you to understand the behavioural strengths and characteristics of each team member independently as well as collectively. It can promote improved communication, stronger relationships and collaborative working, reduced stress, and greater results.

Organisations who use DISC can create a neutral language allowing for discussions to be based on style awareness.

Recruiting the right person for the job


DISC can complement the recruitment process providing an understanding of the candidates' behaviour style enabling you to tailor interview questions to support a successful recruitment decision.

Organisations that share the candidate’s profile alongside feedback promote a richer learning experience. 

Increasing sales and improving customer service

You may have your own business or be part of a sales team. DISC identifies your own instinctive selling style and the strengths and challenges that go with this. It also illuminates customers' different buying styles so that you can tailor your message, enhancing your interactions and better connecting with prospective and existing customers.

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Developing effective management & leadership

Building cohesive & productive teams

Recruiting the right person

Improving sales & customer relations

Happy Clients

Oriel provided a prompt response to a last minute requirement for a profiling assignment for a piece of recruitment I was undertaking for a client. Extremely professional and a lovely lady. Thank you.

Lisa Gibson, Triple Three Solutions

I found Oriel extremely approachable and I quickly ascertained she was someone who was highly skilled and experienced in her field.  I found Oriel approached helping me with this with a real sense of enthusiasm and I felt she really cared about what I was trying to achieve and helping my business. I have no hesitation in recommending Oriel to help similar people in business who wish to better understand how to communicate and raise their levels of understanding between them and their clients.

Jon Pittey, Jon Pittey Wealth Management