Wellbeing in Parenting

Coaching, Personality Profiling and Workshops



Qualified Coach & Personality Profiler

I help parents who are juggling family and work to achieve their own sense of balance and to get more out of life! I challenge, support and empower them to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled in all that they do in their work and personal lives. I offer 1:1 coaching, Personality Profiling and Personal Development workshops.

I also love engaging with employers supporting well-being in the workplace through wellbeing workshops and Personality Profiling.


Wellbeing in Parenting

Live a happy and fulfilled life

Are you unclear what you want for yourself?

Do you worry that you are losing your own sense of 'self'?

Do you feel like you are always adding more items to your to do list and never crossing anything off?

Coaching will help you to both crystallise and achieve meaningful personal and professional goals. My job is to challenge, support and empower you to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Start taking positive action today by simply scheduling your FREE discovery consultation.


Wellbeing at work

Help your people not just to survive but to really thrive

Equip them with the tools and techniques to look after themselves and to be healthier and happier.

Increase and sustain productivity, reduce sickness & related costs and retain talent.


Get in touch today to discuss your wellbeing requirements for your people.